Sunday, September 30, 2007

My plans for the spare time that I don't have...

There are just too many exciting things to do at Wharton. There is something for everybody and more. I'm already loaded and rearing to take on more. I got the two positions that I really wanted, I had decided to shoot for them even before I reached Wharton :-). I will be taking up some more work in one of the professional clubs. I am part of one sports club and will join one more shortly. Then of course, there are various ongoing community service activities that I intend to participate in. Time management is key when it comes to managing academics and parties and clubs and your personal life. And I must say, I am hanging in there for now.

Last week was called "Hell Week", fondly describing the numerous exams, submissions and cases due day after day during the week. It gives you the impression that if you get through this week, and you do so only once, you are apparently over the hurdle. But I think that is misreading it completely. It's just that this week is the first of its kind at Wharton, once you get through it, you learn to expect it and to accept it the next time. So I feel the worst is yet to come and it seems quite logical because recruiting has not even begun yet. So many more hell weeks are in store :-). I know I sound unusually cheerful about it. Maybe I found an efficient way to manage my time, or I learned how not to be stressed, or it is all the liquor from last night's party lingering around...

Wednesday, September 26, 2007


I have been wondering what to do with this blog. I will not claim that I don't have time to write anymore, because I believe I will make time for anything that is important enough to me. But the fact remains that I have let the blog languish for nearly 2 months now. I am not sure if I have any readers anymore, but I apologize to the few who remain.

This blog has been an important part of my MBA application period. It has been a scratch pad for my writing, an organizer for my thoughts, instant champagne to celebrate my successes and a stiff drink to drown my failures over, above all, it has led me to some of the better friends I have made in my life.

I know it is sort of obvious that I should not let it die, but I really don't know what to write anymore. I can blog about life at Wharton, but I am scared it might become one long rant. I might forget that the reader is most likely not at Wharton. But then again, I could write this blog for myself and not bother if people understand what I am talking about, but that goes against the philosophy of this blog and I need not publish such writing anyway. So I have decided I will write about things that strike me as interesting during the course of the day and hope it helps people form their own pictures of Wharton/B-School life or at least serves as a fun 2 minute read.

So I will be back with more soon...