Friday, January 18, 2008

Interview Prep

Ten days into interview prep, I still cannot say I'm confident about landing a job during interview week. This could be one of the banes of studying in a place with 800 students. The conversation in the halls is constantly centered around interviews and dings and closed lists and case prep. Walk into MBA Cafe at 7pm on a Saturday and you'll find the place buzzing with students steeped in case prep and mock interviews with their prep groups. The level of collaboration, given that everyone is competing against each other, is heartening to behold. When I say this I'm sidelining for a moment the cynical MBA who would say they are all ultimately motivated by selfish interests :D. Nevertheless, the intensity of the atmosphere jumps out and grabs your gut. It's quite an experience!

However, I believe that these weeks of preparation and the interviews themselves will hopefully increase my depth of understanding of the stuff I've learned so far by forcing me to pay more attention to detail. I think this is a good outcome to achieve irrespective of the status of the job search process. Now that I have indulged my craving to write at 2am, I should probably try really hard to sleep and ensure that the rest of the day is productive. Ciao!