Monday, August 24, 2009

Onslaught of the short hair fetish movement

I recently chopped off my hair to a third of its length. I did it purely to cut in half the time I spend tending to my hair and vacuuming my house. My friends from all over the globe were naturally curious to see how the new me looked. My friends were (naturally) primarily of the male gender, at least the ones that wanted to see a picture. I dutifully sent one out. My inadvertent findings owing to this innocent, well-meant act of mine are startling. I got a bunch of comments. Most were something to the effect of :

"Oh! Didn't realize you had a long face. That's a compliment, take it from me" What a stunning discovery after all these years!

"Hey! Your nose looks sharper." My dream come true. Thank you.

"Well, if I've not mentioned this before... you look really young." Should I swoon now?

"Hey, heard about your cool hair style. Where did you get it done?" The only sensible question. It came from a girl, of course.

"You do know I've always been into girls with short hair, don't you? " Ahem. Ahem.

My! My! What do I say about such a deceptive reality? I always wondered what is it that men saw in long silken tresses, soft bouncy curls and make- believe waves. I thought maybe they liked the distraction, something to to hold on to, you know? But was it a waste, the hours I spent on scrunching and smoothing and curling and brushing? Did the males of the world go and get themselves a taste upgrade? Or do I hang out with too many utilitarian geeks? If only I'd known that the success formula lay all along in showing the nape of my neck. Sigh...