Friday, June 23, 2006

Change in schools and essays update

I have been doing some more B-School research. I find Stanford and Columbia incredibly attractive! But I cannot apply to 7 schools in R1. I just cannot do it with my work load. So after a lot of thinking and re-thinking and talking to people, I have decided to push Kellogg and Ross to R2, I may not apply to them at all, I may change the list, but these decisions can wait.

Columbia, by virtue of its rolling application process, has a deadline around the same time as R2. So that's one school I can work on after September. Stanford's customized curriculum looks exciting, so I went with my gut feeling, I'm going to apply to Stanford!

As for the essays, I have a rough draft of a rough draft of a rough draft of a rough draft of... my goals and my career progress. Lot more work needs to be done to get it in shape. I also have an idea of how to answer the "Why X school?" question for Harvard,Chicago, Columbia. I'm putting together the facts now. That leaves Stanford and Wharton.

Target for this weekend:
1. Put together a file for my recommenders to prepare for the process. "Recos for dummies!!!"
2. Tackle the uniqueness question
3. Put down the "Why X school?" answers on paper (This is stretching it!)
4. Update the progress here on Sunday/Monday. I've really been neglecting the blog :(