Monday, July 16, 2007

Typographical'l'y chal'l'enged :-(

Please replace l' with l throughout this post. And 6' as 6, 0' as 0 and so on. Thank you in advance.

Currentl'y my typing l'ooks 'like this:

rstuvwxyz 123456'7890'

The above lines were the letters of the alphabet and then the numbers typed continously without spaces/enter.

The keys
type enter on their own. Quite obvious from above I guess.

Del'ete was typing enter for a whil'e. Now it's al'right. Now it's suddenl'y not again.

"""""""""""""""""""''- That was the l'eft shift key hel'd on for a few moments. The right shift key decided to be a little saner and does nothing.

And the enter key worked every fifth, sixth or tenth time I hit it. And now it doesn't work anymore.

If you have not guessed by now... I shared some of my morning coffee with my keyboard :D. Everything that makes sense in this post (and logging in to blogger etc. ) was typed using the on-screen keyboard.

Oh! Do I love it!

Thanks again for putting up with the crap. Hope you enjoyed my misery!