Thursday, May 18, 2006

Meet me and my blog

The title of this blog says it all...

Voila! I have officially embarked on the arduous yet delightful journey of B-School admissions.

Let's get away with cursory stuff first:

Me - A girl hoping to make it to the top tier B-schools in the US.
Home - India
Industry - IT
Workex - 3 yrs in July 2007
GMAT - 700+
TOEFL - Yet to take

Am I withholding information? - Yes I am. That's all I want to say about myself at the moment.

Where am I today?

I have given my GMAT and got a good score. I took the GMAT in March 2006, when I was buried under a mountain of work. So I decided to take a well-deserved break to celebrate my GMAT and to give my tired mind and body some rest after work (which is still neck deep). I've been treating myself to hanging out, reading, shopping and a good number of movies for the past 6 weeks.

Now it's back to the game: B-School research, speaking to current students, fact files,recos and all the usual jazz...

Schools I'm apping to for fall 2007:
(Edited after further research)
Round 1

Round 2 (maybe)

Why this blog?
This blog will record most of my soul-searching, the info I collect, crests and troughs in my spirits... Crisply stated - "The crazy life of a B-School applicant".

I invite comments on how this blog can be improved (if someone reads it at all!).

Thus begins my MBA Saga...