Wednesday, May 24, 2006

Progress??? What is that?

I started on my career progress essay a couple of days ago. It was instant disaster. I have already written and deleted the first 2 paragraphs 5 times. At last I'm left with just 4 lines that I liked. The way I'm stuck for words, one would think there was no "progress" in my career to write about.

Frustrated with my progress,or lack thereof, I decided to ditch "Career Progress" and start with "Goals". I have written a bit. At least I know how I want to project things. So I have a sort of framework. But there's lots and lots of work to be done on the content.

Today I got up early stared at the comp for a while, didn't hit on any gold mines. So I just left for work. I reached office at 8am after nearly a month of coming in at 10.15am :) and surprised everybody.

Hoping to get something done over the next couple of days...