Saturday, May 20, 2006

So many questions!

I've started on my fact file. I'm done with listing down facts about my academics, achievements and community service. I still have to finish the work ex, hobbies & interests and part-time & freelancing sections of the file.

This afternoon, when I sat back and read the file, I was aghast! I saw a list of facts, but disjoint facts. I've put down a lot of things. But I'm lost now. How do I connect them all? Do I actually intend to say my story using a bunch of diconnected truths? Fat chance!

So once I'm done with this file tomorrow, I will look at each point critically, asking myself:

"Is this worth talking about? Has this contributed to my life in a significant way?"

...and knock it off if it's useless.

There's an even bigger problem. I need to think of a way to organize my facts and experiences, such that they follow a logical flow of thought, seamlessly melting into each other.

I'm gonna be at it till I'm completely satisfied with the way my story unfolds. Whew! That's far far away...