Saturday, August 12, 2006

Finally a reason to cheer...

Yippie! I'm done with the all-encompassing Career progess, Goals, Why MBA, Why now, Why Kellogg essay (I've not yet answered why Kellogg though, 'coz I have to mine through my research for that). I rewrote it 6 times. Fitting all that I want to say in 2 double spaced pages was an uphill task all the way. Now I'm panting and wheezing :-), but I feel much better because this essay figures in 5 of my schools in pretty much the same form. Despite all my whining, I really enjoyed writing this essay :-)

I have 4 more days off. So tomorrow I will work on Harvard's Ethics essay and Kellogg's Evaluative Assessment essay. Then it's on to Wharton. I really need to think about the failure essay, I've not written something like this for Harvard or Kellogg. So it's going to be a completely new one.

I have a great update on the recommendation front too. I sat with one of my recommenders and discussed Harvard's recommendations. I showed him my Career Vision essay and we discussed on how he should integrate my goals into his responses. Now he will answer the questions and send them away in a couple of weeks. All the other recos should follow suit too. So that's a big job done! I have to do this exercise with my other 2 recommenders next week sometime.

It's so nice to wake up really late and not have to worry about getting up early for work the next day. So I'm going to be my good old nocturnal self and go to bed at 4am :D. It's like I'm in college again! And yeah, I bought 2 Calvin and Hobbes comics (I have 5 in all now) to fill the 5 minute breaks I take while writing essays... they are so much fun and help me unwind instantly. And of course, all the laughing keeps me from obsessing endlessly about my essays and this and that. I'm off to read one of them now. Ciao!