Monday, August 28, 2006

Whew! 4 schools almost done!

I can't believe I have almost completed the essays of 4 of my target schools.

Harvard (sans Ethics essay)
Stanford (sans Why Stanford)
Wharton (sans Why Wharton)
Kellogg (sans Why Kellogg)

Yippie!!! I'm 4 days ahead of my schedule. My plan was to reach this stage by Thursday 31- August and then use friday and the weekend to complete Harvard's Ethics essay and to mine through my school research to answer Why X school for each of them.

But this weekend was very productive.

  • I completed Stanford's mind-boggling "What matters most to you and Why"
  • I rewrote Harvard's "Other info" essay
  • I added some touches to Stanford's career goals essay leaving only "Why Stanford" to be answered

Great! So my revised (more relaxed) plan is:
  • Complete all the "Why X school" parts by Thursday 31-August
  • Complete Harvard's Ethics essay and Chicago's (remaining 2) 100 word essays over the weekend