Friday, January 05, 2007

Plodding through the paper work

I guess I'm now faced with the boring part of the application process. I loved the never-ending cycle of writing, reviewing and rewriting essays. Now I'm loaded with paper work and am trying my best to motivate myself to do it. I have been doing Wharton's scholarship application at snail's pace. I am more excited about the housing and am making a list of apartments that I like from last year's housing guide. I'm doing this 'coz I like to see the map and imagine living in philly and riding a bike on those roads etc. Otherwise I know it's way too early to think about housing, all I can do now is dream :D.

I'm reading the Hitopadesha (although my sidebar says something else). I absolutely love the names of the animals in the book :-), although I always need google to translate them from Sanskrit to English. I guess I will finish all the unread books on my shelf in the next couple of months and then I can buy more!!! Starting tomorrow I will get my exercise routine back on track too (hopefully)...

So have a great weekend everybody. It's Friday, so I gotta eat out today :-)