Monday, January 22, 2007


I finally faxed my scholarship essay and resume to Wharton. I'm supposed to have done it a week ago. For some reason, I was not satisfied with what I wrote and had to edit it again and again till I felt it was good enough. Thanks to iday who expedited the process with his prompt feedback. Now all I can do is wait for the scholarship decision to come out. Not that it will change my decision to go to Wharton, still it's something to wait for....

So now I'm at liberty to research the housing scene and figure out the logistics involved in signing a lease remotely from India. Looks like I might also have some people who can check out places for me in Philly. A cousin of mine lives there and my future roomie mentioned that she has a couple of friends in Philly who might help us out too :-). I'm hoping having people there will make the process a little smoother.

I'm running out of stuff to say on this blog these days. If there's something you want me to write about leave a comment, I will be glad to share whatever I know. Please do not ask me to post my profile and my goals and other such mundanities :D