Monday, January 29, 2007

New Blogger

The new blogger is UBER-Cool!!!!

A few days ago I moved to the new blogger(I was holding off due to the fear of losing my template) but was heartbroken when I realized that I will have to abandon my strawberries if I want to utilize the free style editing of page elements etc. I tried to pick a template and modify it to have all the chocolicious strawberries and realized that it was just too much work. So I very reluctantly decided to keep my old one.

Today something came over me and I just decided to go ahead and edit the whole thing no matter how long it took. I began with a template that had no colors at all and you can see the results! To get it to look exactly like before, I had to tweak the template code quite a bit and I'm impressed with myself for all the html/CSS I still remember from college :D.

So I get to keep the cake and eat it too...