Saturday, July 29, 2006

Alarming signs of an "about-to-be-ruined" weekend

I'm floating in the air. My feet are so numb with cold, I cannot even feel them. My head is weighing a ton and my back threatens to ache till I die. I'm running a 102 degrees temperature and I cannot taste a thing.

Does this sound like a great Saturday??? Why can't these disasters strike on a week day, I could at least take a day off :D.

To put the cherry on the cake, I'm not too sure if I can keep up with my essay plan for the weekend. I wanted to do the following:
  • Become happy with my 5 HBS essays. (Simply put- edit them. The ethics essay is still non-existent to me, I'm trying very hard not to think about it. Maybe I should be thinking about it. Whatever....)
  • Write the three 100 word essays of Chicago.
  • Make an outline for Stanford essays. Figure out what goes where. (Stanford has made life extremely complicated with the 2 "recent experiences" short essays. I don't know which ones to choose. I'm very excited about the "What matters most to you?" essay and hate the short ones at the moment.)
As far as HBS essays go, I'm reasonably happy with 3 of the essays, but would love to revisit them. I need to work a lot on the remaining 2 essays. I've written one of the Chicago 100 word essays and I think 100 words is simply RIDICULOUS!!! I stared at the Stanford essays for an hour and of course, I'm still stumped :(

It's Saturday afternoon already, I'm not able to sit in front of the comp, my eyes are beginning to burn. So I'm off to sleep. There goes my weekend plan :(

I might just sit up tonight and get back on track. I really hope I have such an achievement to boast about tomorrow :D