Sunday, July 23, 2006

Unproductive weekend :(

I'm simply not happy with my progress. Last week has been extremely unproductive with respect to essays. So I'm in a state where I have to complete 3 essays in 7 days to meet the deadlines I'd set. Sigh...Otherwise the weekend seemed long for a change. I watched a play, Hysssteria, by Evam. It was a nice way to spend my sunday evening, for it's been a really long time since I watched a good play.

The Electricity Board of Bangalore has this crazy "Load shedding on Sundays" mania. So there was no electricity from 10am - 6pm yesterday. Why on Sunday dammit?!!! But the truth is I don't miss anything but the internet. The weather is so amazing that I can spend the whole day on the terrace. So fan, a/c, cold water etc. are not concerns at all. I can still write essays on the laptop or on paper if it comes down to that. I catch up on quite a bit of reading on such Sundays. And of course, the day turns out to be mcuh more fun than sitting in front of the tv/comp or day. Still it's my birth right to crib...

So that's it for now. Remind me to kick myself if I don't stay on schedule.