Tuesday, July 18, 2006

Falling in love... (some non-MBA musings...)

I saw 2 movies last weekend - Before Sunrise and the sequel Before Sunset . The movies are worth the mention for their subtleness. There are just 2 characters, an American guy and a French girl. And all they do is walk (talking all the time) around Vienna in the first movie and around Paris in the sequel. The movies are all about the dialogs...

How do we fall in love?
We don't always pick up someone at a bar, wash down a couple of drinks, end up in bed and find the person irresistible. That happens only in hollywood movies! We don't always catch a person's eye, pretend to look away, keep bumping into each other, shake a leg to a few songs, run around a couple of trees (in Switzerland, of course) and fall in love-pronto. That happens only in Bollywood movies! In reality, we meet someone, maybe he/she looks good, maybe we've not even seen each other yet. But we go yak yak yak. We talk about our lives, convictions, families, memorable anecdotes, everything under the sun (from how we love the rain to how much life sucks) , till we find each other irresistible. Love, I feel, happens when we find an amazing intersection of ideas or values, or when we supremely admire each other for being someone we can never be, the "complement" in a word. Now, that's real life!

"Real life" is what these movies captured. As I said, these movies were all about the dialogs. The director has so subtly transformed a chance meeting to love, not through a series of disjoint events, but through continuous conversations, one seamlessly flowing into the next. I'm not one for super-romantic movies. But the subtleness in these got to me:)

It's been a long time since I saw a movie I could so relate to. Hence the rave review. I know it's as far as it gets from MBA applications, but what the hell, I had to blog it!