Sunday, July 30, 2006

A not-so-bad weekend

The weekend was not completely useless as I expected. 5 out of the 6 HBS essays are in "almost final" stage. I will improve them if I get ideas from other schools' essays. Otherwise I would dare say that I do like them as they are now. It's a luxury to say that after one month of toiling on these essays. Now that I have most of the stories on paper, that too with such stringent word limits, I hope to move faster with the other schools' essays. Being a self-proclaimed creative writer doesn't hurt either, I experiment a lot :D

Stanford is shaping along nicely, only in my mind though :) But I do have an idea of what goes where just the way I promised yesterday. Staring at the essays does help I guess! As for Chicago, first of all I don't know why I picked it, maybe because the 100 word essays seemed like a real challenge. And you bet they were. But I wrote only the "value to your study group" essay. I have figured out which book/play/movie I will recommend, but I'm yet to write about it. I blame my slacking partly on my illness and more so on the fact that I hate the 100 word limit. How the hell am I supposed to wax eloquent about the book I love in just 100 words? As for the "one thing that most people do not know about me" essay, I can think of such things, but none that I would want to reveal to the admissions officer :). What a question! God!

The weekend has been pretty good on the non-MBA front. I slept well, did some quality reading and yes, I shopped. Bought some clothes and a long desired scented candle- one of those short stout ones and yeah the scent is lemon meringue (dunno what I'll do with it though, I definitely don't want to light it up when the power goes off... :D)

Now I'm off to watch some tv and will hit the sack by 12. Gotta be in office before 8 you see.... Ciao!