Monday, July 03, 2006

Done with TOEFL!

TOEFL is also out of the way now. It's full of sitters, definitely too easy for Indians. I scored 243-300, which means I can actually max it if my essay gets full marks :D.

The school selection was wierd. There were 2 Harvards, Harvard-Radcliffe and Harvard- something else, didn't know which one has the business school. But because there is only one HBS I'm hoping it will reach the right place. If not I can always get TOEFL waived off. I don't see why they should have a problem after my 42 in GMAT Verbal.

It's just 7.40 pm and I'm home already. It's been really long since I did this, it's almost nostalgic. I'm trying to contact students/alums of my target schools. But seems like no one checks e-mail ( Feels better than thinking they don't reply...). Sigh!

Anyway it's coffee/music/essay time. S'Long blog :)