Wednesday, July 05, 2006

I found my voice! ***Grin***

After nearly two months of mercilessly deleting/ shelving everything I wrote, I have finally been able to like (only slightly, mind you) what I wrote in my HBS Career Vision essay today. I guess the key is to bring out the passion. Oh yes! All the stuff I've written so far had all the facts, answered the question bang on, were grammatically correct, had a decent structure....blah blah... but it was not my voice, not my life. In fact I would have hated my life if it really was like what I'd put down.

So the moral of the story: Of course we all know what we want to say... But are we saying it right? We better, 'coz no B-School wants a sputtering, confused, disoriented twit. Or anyone who sounds like one.

So after all the self deprecation, I'm smiling today... While I should actually be sleeping for I have to be at work before 8 tomorrow. (Did I mention 8 AM???)

And the gym routine is really suffering... :(